title >
White's Dream
type >
contemporary art
year >
size, cm >
80 x 120 cm
materials >
oil on canvas
artist >Margarita Baranova
title >White's Dream
type >contemporary art
year > 2021
size, cm > 80 x 120 cm
materials > oil on canvas
tags >
A person often overestimates himself and his influence on the environment, feeling himself the ruler of the world. However, objects that have been ignored are being transformed beyond recognition within the next century. Situations that may exist in reality, but have no logical explanation. The beauty of nature and the destructiveness of technological disasters, happiness against the backdrop of a scorched and unsuitable landscape, the Pandoras box and UFOs, as symbols of famous prejudice, are present in the art works. Seemingly pretty externally or beautiful on the outside, inside - it often turns out to be dangerous and poisonous. My forest is a call to pay attention to issues of man and ecology, ecology and contemporary art. Nevertheless, nature is beautiful, and these images are very attractive and carry so many incredible plastic solutions!
Published by
Margarita Baranova

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